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The Empire of Poland {IPL}
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The Empire of Poland {IPL}

Basic information:
Recruitment 18 + and People who speak Polish
TAG'S: IPL_Rang_nick



About us: IPL is a very old, Polish clan composed of adult players and originating from multiplayer stage of Total War series. After following next Total War games, IPL expanded its activity from RTS titles and chose Mount & Blade: Warband, being one of the very first Polish clans to appear on that stage and gain recognition. Yet finally the day has come to bid farawell to not evolving Warband and seek its successor. We've decided to bet on Chivalry: Medieval Warfare success and we do not regret that choice. Our primary goal is to have fun but do not make mistake, we won't run from challenge as testing our own strength, striving for victory and recognition among the best is the very part of it. If you are intrested in playing with us contact us via private message or post in this thread. If any clan is interested in organizing a training or a scrim with us, you can speak to us on our forum (in embassy) - or contact any of our deputies on Steam.

Us Emissary if you have any questions about Clan or ask about matches
Lord Legionista
Steam Name :
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