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Celtic Alliance Clan
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По умолчанию Celtic Alliance Clan

Hail Russian TW Clans :D

I am Soulfly, one of the leaders of the Celtic Alliance clan. I come here to setup a embassy with you all and to keep you informed of tourneys we will be hosting. I was invited here by Jur of the VM clan, a clan we have known for a long time. I also see other clans here from the old MTW2 days like USSR and IMPERIAL. As a gift i bring fine scottish ale and whiskey, and a woman from every corner. Enjoy the gifts, we look foward to many great games and good clan relations. You can find us at

We are also hosting

To The Death 2v2 Tournament

We welcome all clan players and non clan players.

Please use the forum provided and the tourney system at

It was max 16 clans but there wasnt enough interest due to current RTW patch so it was lowered to 8 with 2 spaces left. If there was enough interest we could make more spaces, if not i look foward to see you on multiplayer and maybe future tourneys.

Good Luck

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