Тема: Admin for CoN XVI
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I didnt wanted to reply so far, cause everything others wrote was clear nonsense and because I knew RV representative will win, Kleo or Dante.
Kleo actually was our proposition as an admin. Gwyn maybe organized good tourneys in the past, but he isnt trustable person, not only for most of RV, but many others. Thats the reason enough for him not to be an admin. If we cant like each other as clans, at least no need to do to each other something deliberately which will piss other clan. If he proves he can be trusted, than maybe RV wont mind him as an admin in the future.
Now maybe I shouldnt be mentioning this, but if Russians will vote for Dante, with 10-15 RV votes, plus some inactive fags(on our side:)), its clear that a representative which RV support will win.
Its obvious he did that, cause he know that Gwyndane cant win, but that RV representative will win, but doesnt matter.
Everytime, when he post it's
babble. His clan was destroyed twice after crushing defeat in war with CoH 12-2, when Earth lost all games with Daud. Second time, when he was kicked by Camaga and rest of old Rv members. Every time it was caused by wrong crazy decisions. Always sooner or later people notice that something is wrong with him. Like for example this crazy mage attack against my clan site, or his recent attempt to kick Term from CoH.

Third time's a charm, third time lucky;).

The guy says that I'm haunting him and I just quote what he wrote.

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